Easy rebates
A full list of our efficiency rebates for your home.
Heat pump water heater
Receive a $400 rebate for upgrading to a state of the art heat pump water heater.
It's time to move on
If you can let go of that old, working fridge or freezer we will give you $50.

Looking for our business lighting program? Click here

Natural gas rebates for homes
Rebates up to $700 on energy efficient heating equipment for your home.
Natural gas rebates for businesses Rebates up to $1,200 on new, energy efficient natural gas furnaces and boilers for your business.

Hear it from your neighbors
Past rebate program participants explain how easy it is to make energy efficiency pay off.

Program Evaluation Reports
Evaluation reports for Central Hudson’s Energy Efficiency Programs.

Find a Trade Ally
Our Trade Allies authorized to make energy-efficient improvements.
Trade Ally Resources
Information and ideas for Trade Allies.
American Heating & Refrigeration Institute.

Energy Savings Tips
Save energy and lower your electric bill.
Saving the Environment
Protecting the beauty of the Mid-Hudson Valley.
Green Power
Ideas for supporting renewable power.

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