Residential Energy Efficiency Incentives

Central Hudson provides rebates and incentives in support of our Powering the Path to a Cleaner Future initiatives.

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CenHub Store Instant
Discounted energy efficient products for Central Hudson customers with instant savings applied at checkout! Available items include LED bulbs, smart thermostats, advanced power strips, water-saving products and more.
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Two Ways
to Save on LEDs
Shop online or in-store Shop online (CenHub Store) or locally for residential LED bulbs with reduced prices, courtesy of Central Hudson: Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Hannaford, BJs, Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Ace/True Value Hardware. Look for the reduced price stickers in-store!
Two Ways
to Save on Smart Thermostats
Shop online or in-store

Shop online (CenHub Store) or redeem your instant rebate promotion code to shop at your local Best Buy, Home Depot or Lowe's for a range of smart thermostats. Rebate codes can also be redeemed for online shopping at

Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters Up to
$1,000 and $300 federal tax credit
Is your water heater unreliable or costly to operate? Central Hudson has a $750 rebate for energy-efficient heat pump water heaters. You will love the savings.
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Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling $100

We'll give you $100 to recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer. We'll even pick it up, free of charge, and properly recycle it. While that old appliance in the basement or garage may provide more storage, it's not worth the additional cost on your electric bill. By recycling your old appliance, you can also save up to $80 a year on your energy bill.

Central Hudson offers two ways to take advantage of this service:

  • Shop for a new refrigerator at The Home Depot and schedule a pick-up at the time of purchase.
  • Schedule a pick-up or call (866) 706-3995.
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Air-Source Heat Pumps Up to
$1,600 per 10,000 BTUh
Central air-source heat pumps are similar to central AC systems in that they cool your house throughout the summer. The added bonus is that they can work in reverse and efficiently heat your home in the fall and winter!
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Natural Gas Furnaces Up to $675

If you are a natural gas heating customer, let us give you a rebate of up to $675 on a new, energy efficient hot air furnace. Earn $100 more if your furnace is equipped with an electronically communicated blower motor (ECM).

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Natural Gas Boilers Up to $1,000

If you are a natural gas heating customer, let us give you a rebate of $250 for qualifying steam boilers or $1,000 for qualifying hydronic combi-boilers with instantaneous domestic hot water capabilities.

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Indirect Water Heaters $250 If you are installing a new, energy-efficient natural gas boiler, you can include an indirect water heater to heat your hot water instead of using a separate water heater. Our rebate is $250.
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